Martin A. Cohen, Esq.

Before he was even admitted to law school, Attorney Martin A. Cohen received a Bachelor’s Degree from Hamilton College in Writing and Music, and went on to get two Master’s Degrees. His first was in English at Penn State University, with his second being in Education at Columbia University.

By the time he graduated from law school in 1997 from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Martin A. Cohen had developed his writing, speaking and analytical skills by the choices he had made. He has an extensive educational background that informs his practice of law.

A Lawyer Who Listens

After graduation, Martin A. Cohen decided to use his skills and knowledge to help people. He has chosen general practice, with an emphasis in family law, although he gives his best efforts no matter what kind of case he’s working on.

Martin A. Cohen cares about children and education, and has chosen cases where he can help the most. Martin A. Cohen’s style is to listen closely to all his clients’ concerns, making sure that they are always up to date and informed on everything that happens with their cases. He will sacrifice his own needs to be there for you, staying late or coming in early to make sure he doesn’t miss an opportunity to make your case better.

Family Lawyer

Martin A. Cohen can help with several kinds of cases, but focuses on family law. If you want someone who puts your interests above everything, you can’t find a better person than Attorney Martin A. Cohen.

He has experience with many family law issues, including custody, grandparent rights, neglect, visitation, child support and several other related matters. His focus is on doing the best thing for his client, and he will fight hard to make sure you get what you deserve.

A New York Attorney

He belongs to the New York State Bar Association and is an active participant. He is dedicated to getting the best result, working tirelessly to help his clients.

He is highly educated in subjects which complement his legal skills and has been licensed as an attorney for nineteen years. If you want someone who can help you with your family law issues, call today.

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