New York Family Law Attorney

If you need help in upstate New York, Attorney Martin A. Cohen is a family law lawyer who wants to help you and your family. With nineteen years as an attorney, he has experience with many areas of family law issues and has built a practice with a focus on his clients.

A lawyer who listens, Attorney Martin A. Cohen works hard to win his clients’ cases. With family law issues, it’s not always about winning as much as helping his clients get the best results possible. Attorney Martin A. Cohen is sensitive to his clients’ needs, and is willing to go the extra mile to see that he can make the case even a little better.

New York Family Law

Attorney Martin A. Cohen handles most kinds of family law problems, including custody, child support, neglect, grandparent rights and adoption. Martin A. Cohen also represents children during proceedings that can be difficult for them such as adoptions and juvenile delinquencies.

If you need someone to help you in the New York Family Courts, Martin A. Cohen is willing to stand by you and make sure you don’t lose out on your rights. Martin A. Cohen knows his way around the seemingly endless paperwork required in these cases, but is also not afraid to fight in court if it comes to it.

Working hard to find the best solutions

All legal cases require education and skills, but a focus on family law requires more communication skills than normal. Besides his law degree, Attorney Martin A. Cohen received degrees in English and Education.

There he acquired skills in communicating and evaluating sensitive family law issues. He uses these skills in every case in order to give him a better understanding, and to communicate with other parties involved in order to get a better solution with less conflict, if possible.

Someone on your side

Attorney Martin A. Cohen cares about his clients and what they are going through. He understands that family law matters are sensitive, especially when there are children involved.

Attorney Martin A. Cohen is here to help. If you want a highly educated family attorney who will work hard to get you what you need, call Martin A. Cohen today for a free consultation.

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