New York General Practice Lawyer

Martin A. Cohen, Esq. has been practicing law for 19 years, and he has experience in many issues. He has represented people on both sides of many kinds of disputes. He handles what comes through the door which may include real estate, simple wills and some criminal work too.

Whether your problem involves a dispute between a landlord and tenant or a simple will, Attorney Martin A. Cohen has the training and the skills to help you get the best result in your case. He is patient and hardworking, and knows that listening to his clients’ concerns isn’t just important for their cases but for their sense of security in their cases.

Education plus Experience

Before getting his law degree, Attorney Martin A. Cohen earned his degrees in English and Education, giving him skills beyond the average attorney. He has been particularly trained in communication and interpersonal skills, which makes him a great asset as a negotiator and as a litigator.

Unlike many other lawyers, Attorney Martin A. Cohen has proven that he has the discipline to tackle these other degrees before starting his law practice, and these other skills influence the way he practices law every day. He builds on his own skills and knowledge in the way he chooses to practice, taking on challenges with the same zeal as he takes on projects that might seem easier.

A Listener and a Doer

Attorney Martin A. Cohen is a lawyer who will go above and beyond for you, making sure that your needs are met. He will give up his own time, staying up late and sacrificing his personal time. He won’t give up just because the clock is running out. He is tireless in his pursuit of justice for his clients, but doesn’t look at it as a burden. He is truly committed to helping others.

While he realizes that civil issues are very sensitive and emotional, Attorney Martin A. Cohen stays professional throughout. He takes care of the hard part and helps you stay focused on the issues instead of getting bogged down in the details. If you need help with a family law matter, you won’t do better than if you call Attorney Martin A. Cohen today for a free consultation.

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